Megemeria is a philanthropic project established by Yvel owners, Orna and Isaac Levy.
The jewelry school and social business were established to empower Ethiopian immigrants by equipping them
with the professional and life-skills needed to achieve financial independence as jewelry designers and artisans.

Tikkun Olam-
about the founders

Since Orna and Isaac Levy founded Yvel in 1986, the spirit of “giving back” has been at the heart of the company. Isaac’s challenging childhood experience as a young new immigrant inspired the Levys to seek ways to help other newcomers succeed in building new lives. The couple is proud that today over 90% of Yvel’s more than 100 employees are immigrants hailing from 23 countries.


Orna and Isaac Levy start their partnership both in life and in business.


Foundation of the luxury jewelry brand Yvel. The company is based on values of Zionism and reaching out to new immigrants.


Foundation of Megemeria- a school of jewelry & art to benefit the Ethiopian immigrants in Israel.


Graduation of the first class of jewelry designers, goldsmiths and gemstone setters.


Inauguration of Megemeria Craft Center- a compound dedicated to the culture and tradition of Ethiopian Jewry.


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a part of
our story

The Megemeria School

The philanthropic Megemeria School of Jewelry & Art to provide professional training and employment opportunities to Ethiopian immigrants to facilitate their integration into Israeli society as proud and contributing citizens. Meaning “genesis” in Amharic (the native language of Ethiopia), Megemeria offers its students the opportunity for a bright new beginning in life.

A Social Business

Megemeria has become an independent social business, the first of its kind in Israel. Graduates of the school are employed to design and create a jewelry collection inspired by their personal journeys of longing and renewal. The compelling Megemeria Collection fuses tradition with modernity and meaning with beauty. All proceeds from sales benefit the school and social business, ensuring that Megemeria continues to cultivate positive social change.

The Jewelry Collections

The Megemeria Collections are a meaningful expression of love and courage and an inspiration of hope and positive social change. The jewelry collections feature 925 sterling silver and 24k gold plated over sterling silver. The designs derive from the long-lasting heritage of Ethiopian Jewry including traditional symbols and techniques to designs combining biblical verses and cherished values.

Inspirational Events

Megemeria’s Ambassador Daniel Sahalo is available for speaking engagements, trunk shows, and events. invite him to plan a meaningful event showcasing the designs of our students! 

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“Megemeria provided me with a once in a lifetime opportunity for a bright new beginning in life.”

Seble Abera- Graduate of the 2016 class